How to Grab a Buyer!

After 25 years of designing, I am here to share with you the secrets of grabbing the attention of your potential home buyer!!!

The new home buyer is not the same as they were 10 years ago or even 5 years ago, we have become a  quick and strictly visual generation.  We “take a glance” at a home on the MLS listing and “seem” to know immediately based on appearance that the house will meet our specific needs…   WE have to make Your MLS listing for any brochures and advertising photos be the one item that stands out in the hundreds of houses out there, but…
Curb appeal :
 The 1st impression and always shown in the MLS listing. Now, in 15 seconds.. how can your photo’s be the most interesting…
Everyone knows that cleaning and debris of leaves or kids toys, furniture etc. is always just common knowledge, but the main focus here is going to be the clean bright photo.
We need to make sure the lighting is perfect. Photos of the home should not have shadows. The time of day specifically is crucial to a great photos of your home.  Taking the photo’s late afternoon reduces the intense glare of the sun making the home more welcoming. Colors of trees and flowers can add just the right attention grabber, by lightly sprinkling lawns prior to a photo shoot or showing, it makes your vegetation look greener and provides a fresh sparkle.  Windows can also grab the attention of potential  home buyers.  They are the eyes of the home-how are the window treatments? All the same? No, well if there are different blinds of window treatments like wood shutters, blinds or curtains and shears, keep them open and use lighting to enhance the front of the house. The use of low voltage lights will come in handy and add that little ambiance to to entice the buyer.
Please look for our weekly update like this on how to sell your home!~
Thank you for reading!
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