“Sell at First Sight”- Secrets to selling listings fast, now available on your Tablet and Smartphone!!!

The Designed to Move (In or Out) team has been hard at work this summer, making sure all systems are a go
for our new book:  “Sell at First Sight”! sell at First Sight has been published through Amazon and available Sept 1st In wonderful color for your
Kindle, IPad, laptop, tablet, PC, and Smart phone!
What does this mean for you?…
“How many of your clients have had a hard time moving items such as furniture and appliances from the home they are trying to sell?
All of the kids photos from walls, refrigerators full of collector magnets, toys on the floor etc…We can digitally clean up your home during virtual staging, providing the best looking MLS photos without the hassle of having everything perfectly prepared, after all… Life happens.
In “Sell at First Sight”, we explain step-by-step how curb appeal can be created to consistently attract prospective buyer’s.
With the risk of sounding over-inclusive and vague… “Anyone selling a home, this book is for you!- M.P.”… Literally
We are here to help prepare your clients and give you the upper-hand on selling the home!
Here is a preview for your viewing pleasure!

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