What We Do!

Well Hello There!

We are Designed to Move, a Virtual Staging Company. Please Allow us to tell you a little about what we do!

A Virtual Staging Company who’s headquarters are located in Denver Colorado!

What is Virtual Staging?

“Virtual Staging” is digitally turning a vacant house into a warm, comfortable home. We give potential home-buyers a glimpse of what their home would look like, once they’re comfortably settled in.


Virtual Staging


Virtual Staging

Easy Right!

Why Does It Work?

When a customer looks at a home, being able to see what a house has to offer is important, but actually envisioning themselves IN the home is a crucial point in the decision making process. We make that step effortless, making your potential customers more comfortable with the actual purchase of the home. Virtually staged homes are proven to sell 18% more than those that are not. Additionally, on average, virtually staged homes sell up to 2 times as fast!

How it Works in 4 Steps!

Have a listing to sell, rent, or stage? Contact us for an easy virtual staging option! .  We will discuss your options, your listing, and your price point!  We work together to find a package that works well for you, and a time frame you wish to sell/rent you listing out in!

Take high resolution photos of your empty listing! Or contact us via e-mail to schedule a local photo session for the best possible virtual staging canvass! The better the photo resolution the more options out design department has, and the more professional your MLS listing will look to potential buyers! 

Submit your high quality photos to us via e-mail! Select a picture package found in “pricing”! You all receive a photo resolution check, and “photos received” confirmation from our designing department! From here we select the finest furniture to compliment your listing to cater to future buyers!

We submit the finished photos to you for your approval. Once approved, we submit all finished work to our social media platforms for maximum exposure. We submit the final pictures to our printing and formatting department! We will help you decide what size pictures will best suit your empty listing, order the prints, and have them shipped directly to you or your listing for display! We also provide digital copies of your virtually staged listing at NO CHARGE! Hang the high-def photos in your empty listing, post the digital files to your MLS listing, and watch your home sell faster then any others on the market! Try it!